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Good education creates the foundation towards a brighter future. That’s why the government of Saudi puts emphasis on diverse education programs. There are approximately over 30,000 public schools in Saudi, around 27 private and 25 public universities. Saudi also hosts foreign students while students wanting to pursue education in abroad universities, can avail the scholarship programs. In fact, the option for online and distance education in Saudi is also available for students who can’t enroll for full-time courses.

If you are keen to explore the details about any of the leading schools, colleges and universities in Saudi, the information is just a click away on Storat.

Home and private tutors

Does your child require private tuitions? There are many experienced home and private tutors in Saudi who provide tuition classes. You can get in touch with such expert tutors for varied subjects, from English and Physics to Computers and Mathematics. The tuitions are either conducted on one-to-one basis or in a group, based on your requirements.

Apart from the educational subjects, it is also possible to find professional home tutors for hobbies including music, dancing and fitness.

Nurseries and daycare

There are plenty of centers for nurseries and daycare in Saudi for everyone. Toddlers between the age group of three to five years can be enrolled for nurseries or kindergarten. The goal of such centers is to encourage children’s natural interests in a fun environment where they can learn while indulging in diversified activities including arts and games.

Online and distance education

If you haven’t been able to fulfill your desire of pursuing full-time education then you can opt for various online and distance education courses in Saudi. From undergraduate courses to higher studies and post-graduation, there are plenty of choices. Several UK universities like University of Leicester, offer distance learning courses to Saudi students. In fact, online courses are gaining steady popularity in the kingdom as one can easily study the curriculum at one’s own pace.


When it comes to schools in Saudi, one can either enroll in a private school or a public school. Saudi has separate schools for girls and boys and education system is divided into primary, intermediate and high school. While primary school offers six years of education, intermediate and high school offers three years each. Children around the age of six can get admission into a primary school. Other than subjects like Maths and Science, Saudi schools also teach religious subjects as well.

Training centers

If you are looking for professional training in a particular field such as management, banking, logistics, IT and healthcare; Saudi has many corporate training centers to help you out. All you have to do is select your preferred subject from one of the many training centers of the kingdom and get yourself enrolled.

Universities and colleges

Saudi’s higher education system is considered to be ever-evolving in the Middle East’s education scenario. Presence of world-class leading universities and colleges in Saudi is a proof of that. From oil and engineering degrees to degree in medicine and post graduation, there are multiple finest institutions for every niche. However, being an Arab region, Saudi colleges follow Islamic rules and laws.

With availability of such diversified educational options, you just have to find the best institution nearest to you.